Automotive Repair Center

Our team utilizes reliable proven methods to measure performance to obtain results. “The independent auto repair industry has long since reached a point where every shop owner needs to have a professional business consultant”.  Auto Biz Solutions LLC focuses on the six areas detailed below to obtain the desired results.


Business Valuation
Business owners must take emotions out of his/her  perception of business value.  We provide an independent, experienced assessment of market value for a given company.


We follow the process creating an income and expense budget. Projections made from historical data help increase sales while controlling expenses to direct profitability.
Shop – overhead costs 
Overhead expense has direct relationship to posted labor rate. Each major category is broken down to shop labor rate, which is then further analyzed. 
Technician – productivity labor rate
Have you ever looked at your technician’s hourly productivity as it relates to your posted hourly labor rate? We review technician productivity and analyze as it applies to the shop’s profitability.
Repair Order analysis
Today’s repair order consists of multiple profit centers each contributing towards the success and profitability of the repair center.  Each segment of the sale is reviewed, including missed repair services and future opportunities.


Service Writer
A service writer training seminar is available to assist in dealing with today’s modern customer.  Topics covered include listening skills, car check sheets, pricing strategies, customers personalities, phone skills and much more.
Technician training is available through manufacturers’ webinars, as well as individual car specific classes.  


Business identity is an invaluable asset to any company.  We offer expert assistance creating a unique company identity.
Promotions do not have to be expensive programs to produce results, alternative; result producing methods of advertising are available. We help establish a cost effective program for your company.
Social Media
Today, the internet is a powerful tool to send your message.  We help create a market specific program to promote your business to attract new customers, and market services to existing customers. Conventional advertising methods are also utilized to convey your message.


Building signage
New signage always dresses up a repair center.  It has never been easier to have a modern look for your facility. We go into the total process associated with signage.
Service waiting area design
It has never been more important to offer your customer a clean, comfortable, modern waiting area.  Most facilities today incorporate flat screen T.V.’s with subliminal automotive service messages, some even offer areas for the children to play.

Program Group Analysis

Benefits verses Cost
Program groups are important to the viability of today’s service center due to benefits provided.  Our team has vast experience with the many different facets involved. We review the costs associated vs. the benefits for your business and your family.
Additional Profit Centers
Identify “out of the box potential” There are many ways to increase your service business.  
However, most owners are too busy worrying about day to day problems and do not look out of the box.  We provide a fresh look at new services which can bring in additional profits.
Mystery Shopper
Does your repair center need a Mystery Shopper Program? Have you ever wondered how your staff handles your potential customers when they enter your facility? Do you have a set procedure of steps the service writer is to follow when dealing with your customers, from the time the car enters your facility until you hand back the keys and the receipt? Does your staff follow your set procedures? These are just some of the questions that you may be asking yourself as you look for ways to improve and grow your business.

Auto Biz Solutions has developed a two-pronged approach to answer these questions and at the same time help you develop or refine the procedures your staff should follow when dealing with your customers.

Our Mystery Shopper Program starts with our team putting together a work sheet with proven criteria using your set procedures as benchmarks for your employee’s performance. We will visit your repair center with a vehicle and perhaps request an oil change. We know before hand that the vehicle has certain problems such as needing brakes or a wheel alignment. We evaluate the courtesy of your staff, the appearance of your facility, if your team discovers additional vehicle repair or service needs and how they handle the sales opportunity.

Our second phase is to call your facility. We again use your phone protocol to build our checklist of how the call was handled. We assess professionalism and courtesy, how was your procedure executed when we explained the noise in the vehicle. Does your employee ask us to bring the car in or does he quote prices over the phone not having seen the vehicle?

We can design our Mystery Shopper Program to fit your situation. Our staff, after completing our shopper program, will put together a comprehensive report that will give you a true picture of what level your staff is performing at. Auto Biz Solutions can help you refine your current procedures to produce better results in every step of the process from the time the car enters your facility to the time it leaves. Our staff can also orchestrate a training class that will put your workforce back on the right track when dealing with customers.

All these things, Mystery Shopper, Set Procedures and Training are aimed at one thing and that is growing your business. The evolution begins with having a well trained courteous team of employees that work together to increase your sales.

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